Regenerative Medical Therapy

There has been a rapid growth in Stem Cell and Plasma treatments ( iRAP,PRP,ABPS,ACP ) for joint conditions, lameness, and tendon and ligament injuries.
Stem Cells can be derived from bone marrow, fat, or whole blood. These samples are transformed into injectable doses after laboratory processing.
Stem Cells treatment has recently shown favourable results for Infertility treatment.

The other blood/plasma products are prepared from whole blood from the animal to be treated.

Blood products using Plasma such as ACP and ABPS are produced in my laboratory set up for that purpose and this allows a rapid turnaround time and early intervention.    

The pocedure involves collecting a blood sample (up to 100ml) into sterile centrifuge tubes containing glass beads to activate platelets, inncubating, centrifuging, filtering and storing in multiple syriges. Any processed plasma not used at the time is frozen for future uses.

Because the blood/plasma product is Autologous (collected and injected using the same animal) there is no risk of tissue or adverse reaction.

The final Plasma product (PRP etc) is ready to inject a joint like fetlock, stifle, hock, sacroiliac, or a tendon or ligament, to treat a granulaing wound, or use in PROLOTHERAPY.

These products relieve pain and reduce inflamation and promote the growth of new tissue like cartilage or tendon and ligament collagen.

Additionally, unlike Pharmaceuticals like cortisone when injected into a joint there is no concern with drug detection and swabbing times. Protocols for treatment times prior to events still need to be observed.

Stem Cell and Plasma products like Platelet Rich Plasma are going to be a very rapidly growing area of Veterinary Medicine and it is intended that EHA continues to implement the latest procedures using these products.